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Commissioning of Ventilation Systems

We offer a complete commissioning and balancing of your ventilation system. Once your ventilation system is installed it is imperative that all the airflows are checked and recorded, and if necessary adjusted to ensure the air supply and extract are balanced.

It is important that the commissioning is completed by a qualified engineer – using the correct equipment. We offer commissioning with the most up-to-date Vane Anemometer, and to comply with new NECIC regulations, a zero pressure powered airflow meter.

Servicing of Ventilation Systems

Annual maintenance on your MVHR system is essential.
To keep your system running efficiently and to ensure that the air you are breathing is as fresh and clean as possible, your MVHR system needs to be cleaned each year.

We offer a comprehensive maintenance service which includes :-

  • Antibacterial clean of your MVHR unit
  • Cleaning of the heat recovery core
  • Replacement of all filters with brand new filters
  • Re-setting all controls
  • Re-commissioning and balancing of all grills

When this is complete we supply you with a written service report, which will be vital in case of a warranty claim being made to the manufacturers.